There is a House in New Orleans: Rising Sun Sounds

Brothels play various bump ’n grind tracks in attracting customers and in setting the mood. But did you know that a railway soundtrack was used by a post-World War I bordello? In 1924, One-Two-Two opened its doors to horny Frenchmen. It only took a few months before it became a favourite destination of celebrities and soldiers. One of the brothel’s attractions is an Orient Express-themed room where customers can turn their train fantasies into reality. Those who have a penchant for sex on trains can live it through the room decors and the railway soundtrack playing in the background.

Almost 100 years after, what music would a Sydney brothel be playing?

There is a House in New Orleans: Rising Sun Sounds

Rooms in brothels play different background music depending on the client’s or the escort’s requests. Here are some of the genres and soundtracks that set the mood during bumping ’n grinding.

  • Classical Music

It is interesting to think that classical music can be erotic. Yes, there is sex in the arts, but one can’t imagine a man or woman undressing in Beethoven’s classic. But there are actually a lot of orchestral and operatic pieces that arouse our senses. For instance, Erwin Schulhoff’s ‘Sonata Erotica’ has some sensual music score. There is also a vocalist who was having an orgasm here and there in Schulhoff’s piece. For a less explicit classical piece, Richard Strauss’ ‘Salome, Dance of the Seven Veils’ has sensual richness and exotic sensuality. In fact, this was used in a 1907 New York production of an erotic dance.

  • Blues

The blues music originated in Mississippi during the 1800s. At first, it was only a folk music played by the slaves in the Mississippi delta. But when the Great Migration of black slaves started, the blues music spread around the United States and was soon playing in various settings and styles.

Even before, music sets the mood in brothels. As a matter of fact, blues musicians traveled from state to state to perform in brothels and drinking lounges. Today, Tina Turner’s ‘Rock Me Baby’, Etta James’ ‘Baby What You Want Me To Do’, and Bessie Smith’s ‘I Need A Little Sugar in My Bowl’ are always included in the sexy playlist of brothels.

  • EDM

Most brothels these days play EDM music, as it is probably the sexiest music genre today. The tracks have this effect where you will let loose as the song plays. The head thrashing, getting lost in the beat and tempo, and the downplay of bass actually motivates people in bed. Among the brothel favourites are The XX’s ‘Chained’ and The Zone’s ‘The Weekend’. The former has ambient beats that just move throughout the song, while the latter is actually written in getting our pants off. Both make a good recipe in bumping n’ grinding in brothels.

  • Pop and RnB

Pop and RnB genres are actually the perfect soundtrack for anything sex-related. In fact, they are often referred as bedroom music due to its beat and lyrics. Escorts prefer that Lana del Rey’s songs are playing in the background while doing their business. For them, it gives them the motivation and guides their rhythm. Usher’s ‘Dive’ and Ginuwine’s ‘So Anxious’ do guarantee that the bordello is filled with erotic mood.

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