The Essential Sexiness of R & B

Studies show that listening to music is among the topmost leisure-time activity of the youth nowadays. In fact, young adults and teenagers listen to music for at least two hours daily. The exposure of almost everyone to the music scene further heightens our interest in the rhythm and lyrics produced by today’s artists.

There are studies that link music with our cognisance of sexual relationship, human sexuality and making precarious decisions. Researchers found out that hip-hop and R&B music has strong interconnection with regards to our sexual behavior. For instance, majority of R&B songs is imbued with sexually explicit content. In addition, lyrics of most R&B songs convey sexual messages, while 75 percent of the music videos display sexual imagery.

The Essential Sexiness of R & B

Due to the innate sexual appeal of R&B, many live web cams have this music as their background soundtracks. Moreover, it can be observed that licentiousness and brief sexual relationships are the subjects of R&B songs. This does not come as a surprise as research shows that the presence of sexual themes in song lyrics is the primary factor for the sales or market acceptance of a song.

Further studies indicate that chart topping R&B songs has reproductive messages in it, as observed in a trend dating back 1989. More so, today’s music streaming services and music tracks have playlists for music while having sex and whatnot, which are mostly R&B songs.

Rhythm, Lyrics, and Sex

According to a research published in Media Psychology Review, the sexual nature of an R&B music depends on the demographics. For instance, Caucasian artists illustrate romantic contacts in their music, such as kissing and hugging. On the other hand, non-Caucasian artists suggest a more sexually explicit reference on their hits.

Like any industry, the R&B music scene uses sex to market their music. Other forms of R&B, like alternative R&B, mix soulful vocals and ethereal synths with the sexual objectification of women. More so, the songs’ lyrics evince sexual tension or sexual acts. The music’s rhythm and beat further intensify the sexual aura surrounding R&B songs.

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